The most innovative network communication equipment supplier

About Us

Shenzhen Sirivision Communication Technology Co., Ltd. is the most innovative network communication equipment supplier. Since our establishment in 2016, we have always insisted on independent research and development, independent production, and committed to providing customers with secure, reliable and stable network access layer, convergence layer and core layer solutions.

We combine our years of experience in product development with industrial Internet applications. We focus on the markets of transportation, security, energy, industrial control, government, etc., and are involved in industrial switches and industrial core switches.

At present, the R&D staff of Sirivision accounts for 38%, and the R&D investment accounts for over 28%. It has established three R&D centers, including Chengdu Software R&D Center, Fujian E-commerce Sales Center and Shenzhen Software and Hardware Center. In addition, we have a number of patented technologies and software copyrights that we have independently developed and applied for.

Sirivision Communication has a professional software and hardware team, which can quickly complete the customized needs of customers’ software and hardware.

The products of Sirivision cover POE powered switches, industrial switches, gateway controllers, POE power supplies, network management switches, etc. In addition to the main core areas of transmission, switching and routing, Sirivision is vigorously expanding into mobile internet terminals, smart home, network security, etc.

The Sirivision has a 7000㎡ of processing factory, 3 SMT placement production lines, 1 DIP plug-in production lines, a test aging line, and a monthly production capacity of 50,000-100,000 units.