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Purchase Terms


Example of a copyright clause for purchasing a product

Customers are obliged to abide by the following transaction terms while accepting the order and delivery of goods from the e-commerce platform of this website. Before you place an order on this website or accept delivery from this website, please read the following terms carefully:

  1. The price of the ordered goods is subject to the online price of this website when you place the order;
  2. Please fill in your real name, shipping address and contact information clearly and accurately. This website will not be held responsible for the delay of the order or the inability to deliver due to the following circumstances: the customer provides wrong information and an unspecified address;
    The delivery of the goods without a sign for receipt will result in the cost of repeated delivery and related consequences; force majeure, such as natural disasters, traffic martial law, sudden wars, etc.
  3. Privacy: This website respects your privacy, and under no circumstances will we sell or disclose your personal and order information to any third party (except for national judicial authorities). All customer information we obtain from the website or over the phone is only used to process your relevant order.
  4. Disclaimer: If the sales system of this website crashes or cannot be used normally due to force majeure or other reasons beyond the control of this website, the online transaction cannot be completed or relevant information, records, etc. are lost, this website will assist in handling the aftermath as reasonably as possible, and Strive to protect customers from financial loss.
  5. Customer supervision: This website hopes to provide customers with the best service through unremitting efforts. This website accepts customer supervision in the whole process of providing services to customers.
  6. Dispute handling: If there is any dispute between the customer and this website, it can be resolved in accordance with the agreement and relevant laws recognized by both parties at the time.

Special Note:

  1. If the product you purchased has a performance failure or product quality problem stipulated by national laws within the specified time and needs to be repaired/returned, please submit a repair/return application on my website. After the application is approved, follow the Prompt information Send the items back to this website by ordinary express (please do not use SF Express or EMS to pay on delivery) or after the seller sells them, and the relevant postage freight will be returned to your account on this website in the form of the balance on this website. If the application for repair/return or exchange is not submitted or the product is sent back without passing the review, this website or the seller has the right to reject your relevant application. For details, please refer to the after-sales service process in the after-sales policy.
  2. When you receive the goods, please carefully check whether the invoice and the goods are consistent with the goods on the delivery note. If you find that the goods are missing or damaged, please contact the merchant or our customer service department on the spot when the delivery personnel are still on site; If it is found that the mailing package is damaged, the goods are damaged during transportation, etc., please point it out on the spot and please take a photo to leave the image data, and please call the merchant or our customer service to coordinate the processing. If the packaging, quantity and content of the goods are correct, our company will not be able to accept them. Electronic products such as testing and identification instruments, laboratory equipment and other products with original packaging and labels can be opened with the original packaging, but cannot be powered on, run through water, or inserted into the card slot. Please confirm the receipt of the goods under the condition of confirming that the appearance is not damaged.